At QuadReal Property Group we work hard to improve the environmental and social performance of the buildings we manage. By their nature, buildings affect their environments – changing the landscape, defining new skylines, becoming a destination, impacting traffic patterns, and, of course, using energy and water and generating waste.

Read about our performance in our most recent Sustainability Report, HERE



QuadRealData® provides a means of tracking and monitoring consumption and cost of electricity, natural gas and water for 200 King Street West. The data from the building is calculated from at the moment of your request, as a result it may take several seconds for the report to appear. For more information or inquiries concerning your consumption as a tenant, please contact the Management Office for access:


200 King Street West Current Usage Dashboard 200 King Street West Current Usage Dashboard

200 King Street West Carbon Footprint 200 King Street West Carbon Footprint

200 King Street West Past Use 200 King Street West Past Use



Recycling Made Easy at 200 King West

Recycling is one of the many ways we can reduce our impact on the environment and we encourage our tenants to recycle whenever possible. Desk side recycling bins, battery & toner recycling collection are available to all tenants and their employees. We are committed to making recycling as easy for you as possible. To learn more on these programs, please contact reception or email us at:


Waste Station Signs

As part of Bentall Kennedy’s ForeverGreen initiative we have created a set of colurful easy to use waste station signs. Simply download the preformatted PDF file to your workstation and print out as many copies as you need. Easy peasy.


Winter Maintenance: De-Icing

At 200 King Street West we are committed to maintaining the property using only environmentally friendly cleaning materials as directed by our LEED Gold certification. To learn more on these standards, please visit the CaGBC website



Built on the ForeverGreen Engagement program, this platform provides building occupants the opportunity to partner on our journey to sustainability, inspire positive action and strengthen our collective efforts.

This online platform allows users to unite with their colleagues and other tenants in building around initiatives that matter to them and provides an opportunity to personalize sustainability plans for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

Destination ForeverGreen is powered by WeSpire, an online engagement service, uniquely designed to empower forward thinking in sustainability through behavioral science, social and game mechanics, people centric design and active learning.

The WeSpire platform is fun, proven to drive positive behavior change towards sustainable living and shows positive impacts on businesses.

Major WeSpire clients include EBay, Sony, Unilever, MGM Resorts and Aveda. To sign up, please follow or join us in the lobby on April 27, 2015 and encourage all your colleagues to come.


200 King Street West :: WeSpire


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