200 King Street West property management is committed to partnering with tenants on reducing the Complex’s environmental footprint, while enhancing workplace wellness for all occupants.

Questions? Comments? Please send your inquiries and feedback to our sustainability team a at [email protected].


Read our latest Sustainability Scorecard to learn more about our footprint and environmental performance.

The ecological or environmental footprint represents a valuable tool for 200 King Street West in measuring success and performance. 200 King Street West is committed to environmental excellence, aligned with daily operations and tenant engagement. The environmental sustainability program addresses the following areas, where continuous improvement is applied:

  • Investment in energy use efficiencies throughout the Complex, and ongoing education about the benefits of energy conservation.
  • Investment in water efficient fixtures and practices, along with water conservation outreach.
  • Promotion of waste material reduction and waste diversion.
  • Education on the importance of preventing nighttime bird collisions, by encouraging tenants to shut off unnecessary lights and install light sensors that can also help save electricity costs.
  • Outreach on the importance of making clean commute choices such as taking public transportation and cycling.
  • Enhancement of the workplace environment at the Complex through indoor air quality, noise, and comfort management.

200 King Street West’s environmental performance is managed, tracked, and reported through four indicators: Energy, Water, Waste, and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs).

While reducing our direct and indirect environmental impact from building operations is fundamental to the management of 200 King Street West’s operations, we also recognize the importance of creating a positive impact for our tenants, various stakeholders, and broader community. We are striving to provide a professional community where individuals and organizations feel empowered and help us to go beyond ‘doing less harm’ and provide a meaningful, positive impact.


As part of our commitment to the 200 King Street West community, the Complex’s sustainability program includes wellness and healthy building initiatives and amenities. Specifically, our approach to wellness includes indoor environmental quality, healthy commuting infrastructure, enjoyment of outdoor spaces and a variety of fitness and wellness programming and events.


At 200 king Street West we understand our Complex exists within the larger community that includes the Financial District, the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As part of being a socially responsible property management, we host and participate in events that celebrate Toronto’s rich and robust arts, music and culture; as well as support charitable organizations that lend a hand to those in need. We are proud to host and participate in events and campaigns that support charitable organizations that lend a hand to those in need in our community. 


QuadRealData® provides a means of tracking and monitoring consumption and cost of electricity, natural gas and water for 200 King Street West. The data from the building is calculated from at the moment of your request, as a result it may take several seconds for the report to appear. For more information or inquiries concerning your consumption as a tenant, please contact the management office for details.

-200 King Street West Current Usage Dashboard

-200 King Street West Carbon Footprint

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